Dinner in Puerto Madero

Lars Alfredson
Mon 17 Oct 2011 15:34

Buenos Aires 17102011


10am and Thomas is demanding money with menaces to feed his shopping addiction. Fruit and Veg day he declares and emptying our wallets he off like

a rat up a drainpipe scampering to town with his ill gotten gains.


Meanwhile below decks in the murk of the engine room Lars lies on top of his new found love the Generator, tenderly extracting the glop from the

cooling circuit and mopping the mess from under its casing.


Though the sun is shining there is a nip in the air but its good enough for us sons of the sea as Peter and I grab brush and hosepipe and start washing

the decks down which are covered in a fine dust from some Chilean volcano which decided to fire up.  After making things generally shipshape up top and with a renewed fit of enthusiasm we start below.


Lars presents us with a vacuum cleaner of dubious reliability when he declares it doesn’t suck very well. Investigation reveals a bag that hasn’t been emptied

for many moons and is full to the brim, replacement gives a new lease of life, well except for w the motor which cuts out every few minutes.

This is soon rectified by switching to shorepower instead of the ships system and meanwhile Peter is waving a rag to giving an even spread of dust on all surfaces below.


Lars appears from the engine room, fires up the generator and in a sign of new confidence put his overalls in the washing machine to “Cook” while we head off for lunch.      


A phone call from Thomas announces his arrival at the club dock and request a dinghy be sent to pick up his latest purchases.

Soon everything is aboard and stuffed into new nooks and crannies, I just hope we can remember where we put everything.


Before go out I head for the Club to catch up and send the latest blog but O castastrophe, my computer is totally dead with a flat battery and I can’t plug to the peculiar Argentinian sockets.


We are invited to join our new crew members for dinner at one of  Dockside restaurants. Here we meet Rodolfo and & Martin. Rudolpho and his son Santiago will be joining us as far as Mar de Plata.


Shopping 036     Shopping 038


Shopping 039     Shopping 043


A fantastic meal of many courses and for the main Lars and I try an “Ojo” Steak a good 400grams and grilled to perfection.

Needless to say excellent Argentinian wine followed by a swimming pool of brandy and then complimentary schnapps added the icing to and already sumptious cake.


Shopping 046           Shopping 054

Shopping 058     Shopping 072

                     Rudolfo                                                                        Do I dare to jump



A slow stagger back to the Yacht and so to bed we thought but Lars notices the Fridge is not running. Despite his happy state or in fact because of it he valianty

disappears into the engine room only to appear a short while later brandishing a condom which been sucked up cooling water intake !