Subic Bay

Lars Alfredson
Mon 25 Jan 2016 13:18

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Subic Bay Marina

Late afternoon we left Porto Galero and set sail for Subic Bay, some 95 NM away, in our quest for fuel and water. It turned out to be a mixed sail with sometimes 8-9 knots of boatspeed and sometimes no wind and motoring. We arrived to Subic Bay Marina at 9 am.
After a slow breakfast and signing in to the marina, we went for a swim in the pool and a nice shower. The Marina with hotel and restaurant and pool etc. looked a bit run down and there was not much people around.
Subic Bay was an American naval base until 1992 and I suppose the economy went down when they left.
At lunchtime we walked in to the town and ended up in an enormous shopping shopping mall. The biggist one I have ever seen. Very American with every kind of eatery you can find in the US and some. We had lunch and explored the gigantic super market, bying food for dinner. We realised that this is the place to stock up for the rest of the trip, especially for drinks of the alcoholic variety.
In the evening we fired up the grill and Darryl grilled lots of meat skewers and sausages while Kenneth made a nice sallad. We enjoyed a nice dinner with a glass of red. The evening ended with a game of Mexican Train and some more wine.
Monday the 25th started at 5 am when we all gave Janine a big hug and sent her on the long trip back to the snowstorms in NY. She had to go back for a job interview at some law firm. We wish her all the luck. It has been great for us old mariners to have some input from a bright young person.
After a couple of more hours of sleep I and Kenneth set out for a long walk to find the best shops to get all the stuff (mostly bottles) we need for the coming month. We found a big whole sail shop where we could buy cartons of necessities. We returned to the boat where Darryl was cooking gresy bacon and eggs for breakfast.
Subic Bay is a "freezone" where prices are supposed to be lower. They have also banned the Tricycles and the Jeepneys in this part of town, very not Philippine. We spent most of the day riding taxis between different shops and the Marina with supplies for the coming month. We where quite whacked when we finally retired to the boat.
Kenneth cooked us a lovely dinner "Osso Bucco" which went down with a glass of plonk.
Tomorrow we will sail north for our rendezvous with Jonte and Lotta in Aparri.
All is well,
Lars and crew.

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