Lars Alfredson
Tue 23 Feb 2016 02:07

Saturday the 20th we spent exploring Naha town. Jonathan and Charlotta was finalizing their onward journey through Japan did some uploading of pictures to a "cloud". Kenneth and I explored the big indoors market. We went out for a farewell dinner in the evening.

Sunday morning at 06.00 we walked Jonathan and Charlotta to the Ferry terminal to see them off for their ferry trip to Kagoshima on Kyushu, some 25 hours away.
After a second sleep and a lazy morning it was time to take the monorail to the airport to meet Karl and Anna, my son with girlfriend. They arrived hungry and tired after a long trip from Sweden. A light lunch on board and a rest and they were ready to explore the town a bit and have a nice dinner.
It is a big challenge to order food when you can't read the menu and the staff don't speak any english. Luckily they often have pictures, so you point and hope for the best.

We have had several visits from friendly japanese people that is curious about us. We also had a man arriving in his "boxcar" (looks like a box). He brought out a canvas and an easel and asked if he could paint a picture of Dawnbreaker. Off course he could!

Monday the 22nd, Kenneth recieved a mail from his daughter, that he was booked on a plane that left at noon. He had to pack in a hurry and then we saw him off to the monorail station.
The remaining 3 of us Lars, Karl and Anna took the monorail inthe other direction to visit Shuri castle where the Ryukyu Kings resided resided long ago. We had a nice walk around the buildings. You get a plastic bag to carry your shoes in when you are indoors.
We also walked the surrounding parks and saw lots of flowering Cherry trees.
For lunch we found a small restaurant. When we entered the door, we nearly backed out again when everybody started "shouting" at us. It turned out to be a friendly greeting. Luckily the had a menu with pictures so we could order a nice lunch.
The afternoon we walked around the big indoors market that seemed to have everything for sale. Anna was especially interested in pottery.
In the evening we went out for dinner.

Lars, Karl and Anna.

Now my crew for the last 3 months, Darryl, Jonathan, Charlotta and Kenneth have all departed. We have had many adventures on our from the Solomon Islands, via Papua New Guinea, Palau, Philippines, Taiwan to Japan. I thank you all for for this time and hope our paths will cross again some time in the future.

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