Still hanging around

Lars Alfredson
Sun 17 Apr 2011 21:42
Pos 23:07.87S 44:17.69W
verolme mid size
                                                                                      Verolme Marina
Hello there Dawnbreaker fans.
I know we have been pretty quiet on the blogging lately but there hasnât been much to report.  Still hanging around Angra dos Reis on our repair mission.
We now have as all other mortals a Monday to Friday 9 to 5 job chasing parts and labour to repair our engine.  Weekend has become a reward to us ...
After hanging around Vila Abraao at Ilha Grande we headed back to Verolme Marina and the Saga isnât over yet so we came to spend the weekend
at Lagoa Azul with another member on board.  Monica from Guatemala crewing on a boring superyacht Nubaro Blue moored here for 3 month now
due to a lightning -- major damage to the electronics.
m_DSC_5661     m_DSC_5762
                                                      Monica                                                                               Cataguas Islands