Lars Alfredson
Fri 15 Mar 2019 12:55

POS 00:52.930S 131:15.202E

Wedensday/Thursday 13-14/3

We left early in the morning to reach Sorong at a decent time. After anchoring, the long procedure of clearing in to Indonesia started.
I went with Ivan ashore to find the authorities. We hailed a Bemo (mini bus/taxi) and told the driver to take us to the Harbour Master. Off we went, after half an hour of driving around in different directions we realized that the driver had no idea where he was going.
After a long discussion where we tried with customs and finally with immigration, he shone up and said "imigrasi". Yes we said and took off across town again.
Arriving at the Immigration office whe were promptly told that we had to do everything in the right order. Quarantine, Customs and last Immigration. Across town again to find the Quarantine office. There we filled in lots of papers and did a byline to the Bank to pay the dues.
The waiting Bemo then took us back across town to the Customs office. After paperwork they told us they wanted to inspect the boat before issuing the paperwork. Back to the boat and take three customs officials out to the boat. When they were satisfied and had taken lots of photos we went back to their office where I was told that it would take time and I should come back later.
Back to the boat I went to pick up the crew. New Bemo across town and we get to the Immigration just to be told they wanted to inspect the boat. Back to the boat for new inspection. Finally passports were stamped and all that remained was another trip to customs to pick up papers. Phuui!
Dinner and bed was all we managed after that.

On thursday we set off to try and buy local sim cards for our phones. Our luck turned when a nice man in his car stopped and offered us a ride. This turned out to be Mr Warwick Alliston an expat from Tasmania that had lived in Sorong for 28 years. He drove us first to his home for refreshments then to the Hospital where we dropped off Urban with big infected wounds on his legs.
We proceded to Telkomsel for sim cards and back to pick up Urban at the hospital. He had been treated and given a big bag of bandages and medicins. All for the nice price uf 720000 rupies (approx 50 usd).
Some shopping and late lunch and we were ready to hit the wawes again.

We have a few days before Jonas and Naty are leaving and want to give them a taste of Raja Ampat, supposedly one of the best diving,snorkeling places there is. So off we went. When it was getting dark we anchored in a bay at the east end of Batanta Island for the night.
Hopefully some pics will follow soon.