Caleta Porto Frances

Lars Alfredson
Wed 11 May 2022 16:44

POS 21:36.8N  83:10.34W
May 9

Anchorage at Isla Dela Juventud, Caleta Frances. About: Punta Frances, which is located on the SW tip of Isla de La Juventud, is the site of one of the most well-known wall dive sites in Cuba. It is a favorite stop for cruise ships and there is a very large mooring pennant and a shoreside visitors pavilion that have been installed to facilitate passengers. Despite the obvious development that

has taken place, the anchorage remains a favorite because it is an excellent location to stop en route to or from Cabo de San Antonio or points in the western Caribbean, and the diving and snorkeling are still excellent.

There are two open coves at Punta Frances. The northernmost cove is closest to the best snorkeling, which can be found along the coral patches that are N and W of the long wooden pier. However, it is more exposed and there is always potential for conflict with the cruise ships that arrive early in the morning if you anchor or moor at the mooring pennant. Fortunately, the southern cove offers better protection and is away from any potential conflict with larger vessels.