Sailing to Mar del Plata, 275M

Lars Alfredson
Fri 21 Oct 2011 16:13
Pos 38:02.46S 57:32.273W
20102011 Buenos Aires to Mar de Plata


0800 were all up except Peter who went ashore for one last party. Thomas and I set off to the Club in the dinghy for final ablutions and

pick up Rodolpho and his son Santiago. It takes three efforts as Thomas has to return for his, towel and the kitty. I return with the new crew, Thomas with the Marinero to untie our mooring lines.


Sailing (1)     Sailing (7)

                              A tug for Shan                                                                             Casting off


By 0930 were away, mainsail up, wind on the nose as usual, and the motor pushing us along at 8kt (Against the tide the ground speed is reduced to 5kts)

through the brown waters of the world’s largest estuary at


1100 Bodies are scattered around the deck taking advantage of the fine weather thought there is a nip in the wind. I decamp to my usual place

at the bow and in the company of Mr Bill Tillman read of his exploits in the 50’s down the Horn.


Come 1200 Thomas appears in waiter mode and brings me a beer on his tray! Its hell at sea.

Sailing (20)     Sailing (22)

                              Lunch is served                                                                              Happy hour


As the Sun begins to set we reach the end of the estuary and turn south, sails now fill and were creaming along at 11kts on beam reach in a reasonable brown sea


Thomas produces lunch, beef bourgeoning, served a la bowl, I produce the wine a cheeky little vintage (were pleased to discover as we have

60 1.5ltr of the same) and we dine at a 30degree angle juggling between glass and bowl.


As the sun lowers in the sky its time for long trousers and a jacket as the air temperature drops, the sea also is getting cooler and the temperature

has dropped to 15C degrees. Bolognaise, green peppers and Fusili and another bottle of that fine red as the sun sets and night watches are organised.


A cracking sail which continues through the night as the wind comes around to our stern and with the tide we are making 11kts in gentle sea.

We are now goose-winging and going like a train, a cracking sail in perfect conditions.


Sailing (29)     Sailing (45)

                                 goose-winging along                                                                 Stowaway


Sailing (70)     Sailing (75)

                                    Yacht Club                                                                              Harbourmaster



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