Lars Alfredson
Wed 6 Mar 2019 06:50
POS 07:16.511N 134:17.723E

Tuesday 5/3 we headed a little bit north to
Swiftlet lagoon on Ulong.
Ulong island has several nice beaches. From ulong beach or survivor beach after a tv series recorded there, you can find a track leading up to an ancient stone house village.
There is also remains of stone money that was quarried there and then transported to Yap.
We explored with snorkeling and from the dinghy and also on foot to the old ruins.
The day ended with a nice steak dinner prepared by Jonas.

Wedensday 6/3 we started to head back towards Koror.
We stopped on the way at "Soft coral arch". A natural arch through an island. In the shade under the rock there is lots of beautiful colorful soft corals growing. A fantastic sight.
In the afternoon we took up our old moring in Koror.