Rio 08032011 Tuesday

Lars Alfredson
Tue 8 Mar 2011 21:45

Today we were going take the “Tram” trip, unfortunately they decided not to run today as it is a holiday.

We ended up exploring the  “Lapa” area around the old viaduct built in 1750 then converted in the 1900,s

so that now carries the tram line over this area, famous its music and night life.


                                    Arcos da Lapa


We got caught up in a Festival and Market that was taking place and having battled out way through

the crowds broke out in a square. Here we found a great restaurant for lunch housed in a little old building

squeezed between two enormous tower blocks. Called Manuel and Joquim’s just in time to beat the rush,

the food was great as promised by the numerous awards on the wall, and the atmosphere terrific.



                                     Lunch restaurant


That night we dined on Ipenima Beachside. Everywhere was full of people who had been partying

all day and judging by the mounds of empty beer cans very successfully too.

The rain came down with a vengeance but stopped in time for our return to base.


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