New Blogger

Lars Alfredson
Thu 1 May 2014 08:08
Hello all our Family and Friends, guess who's arrived finally. Yes it's Caroline and I'm glad to take over the Blog
and let you know a little bit more than just the work that's been going on, on the boat.

I left Sweden on 24th April and didn't get here until 27th April. My flight took me via Frankfurt and Hong Kong.
I didn't recognise Frankfurt. The last time I was here, smokers were able to get their cigs out straight off the
plane. Now it's clean, smoke free in most places but still has places where you can smoke and large enough so you
don't feel like a criminal.  I flew to Hong Kong with Cathey Pacific in Business class which was very nice. My sleeping
area was very nice but I didn't get to speak to anyone except the flight attendent.  They were very helpful and I
enjoyed my flight.
Arrived in Hong Kong on 25th at 07.00am.  I went to a new Hotel for 1 night Skycity Marriot which was very nice
and the personnel looked after me there too.
Leaving the next day had a few problems.  Firstly the Hotel forgot me and I had to ring a couple of time to get
someone to come for my luggage and me.  I had asked for assistance to the Airport so they came with a Wheelchair.
When we got to the Airport, I had 2 people from the Marriot and it took ages.  First they told me the flight was delayed
so I would have to wait until 22.00, an hour after the time we were suppose to leave.  The personnel from Marriot
left me with someone from the Airport who didn't understand a word I was asking so I just had to point.
From Hong Kong to Auckland was very different as there was only business class and no 1st class.  There were a few
very angry passengers who were booked on 1st class so the Chief Flight Attendent told them that they would get a
credit given to them before leaving in Auckland.  The sleeping area's were very different from the last flight.

      Busy packing Dawnbreaker II from Mummy Dawnbreaker.

                                                First meal is served.

Lars was already at the Airport as we were 1 1/2 hours late.  First thing we did was get our "Dawnbreaker II", a
CamperVan for 2 people.  It's not bad (so far).  At the moment we are in the Ship Yard as there were a few jobs
Lars needed to do before we can go anywhere. Hopefully our holiday starts Tuesday 29th April, we will just have to see
won't we.
More to come, Caroline & Lars
Dawnbreaker II

                  Dawnbreaker land expedition taking off.