Lazy days in Natal , English version

Lars Alfredson
Sun 12 Dec 2010 22:01
Sunday 12 december
Hi everyone!
Now we are installed in Natal.
We are anchored outside Iate Club do Natal. A nice Yacht Club with pool and a nice restaurant.
Today sunday they had a regatta. Anything that could float was there..Snipe, a couple of Hobies,
an old 470 and some keelboats looking like wrecks.
After finish they had prize giving with lunch .Music Corps dressed in white uniforms entertained
Utsikten från båtklubben
View from the Club. Dawnbreaker way out to the left.           Club restaurant
Eric organised a rental car yesterday and we made a trip to Pipa, the most famous resort in the area.
It´s  situated 80km south of Natal. . A bumpy road with a loat of road bumps coming from nowhere.
Pipa is a nice little town with  good beaches,lots of tourist shops and restaurants.
We had a swim and lunch. Grilled garlic shrimps, delicious.
Back in the darkness and more bumps, our heads hit in the ceiling more than once.
    The Beach Boys of Pipa                                                                Brazilian bathing beauties dressed in latest fashion)
                                                                                                            (there are others too)
In the evening we went to Ponta Negra the bar and restaurant district. We had a fantastic dinner and
mingled for a while.The english language is not popular here and our portuguese is limited
so we have certain communication problems.
This morning it was 37 degrees. Puh !The river where we are lying does
not invite to swimming so we will go to a nearby beach to cool off in the 30 degree water.
On tuesday we will leave for next destination, Joao Pessoa about 80 Nm south of here.
  Polishing before arrival in Natal.                                        Jonas´s goodie box. Present from his daughters
    First dinner in Natal a pizza.                                               Dawnbreaker at anchor.
fr left, Lars,Peter,Eric,Tomas och Jonas
      Our friends saying godbye outside  Fernando do Rohonha.