day 3 to Tarawa

Lars Alfredson
Sat 30 Jun 2018 04:48
POS 1:49.375S 177:30.343W
day 3.  we are still under sail power benefiting from the tradewinds as low as 2S latitude.  another marvelous day.
It’s friday,house keeping day.  Bathroom cleansing, sweaping floor and higinezing the fridge as well scrubbing the cockpit took most of the day.
I just realized it has been two month since my injuries and just today I noticed I am moving about without pain and confidence on deck duties.  It hasn’t been an easy recovery, but I hope it will go downhill now.  Thanks to my crew buddies that supported me over this challenge.
we are close to on 1/3rd of our way to the next destination.  Reading and cleaning helps to kill time.  At least we can relly on the wind and avoid engine usage.
In less than a month we will have crew change and the love of my life will be returning home.
Gary will join us, always a great companion onboard.  Hope Dal also makes it.