Epi Island

Lars Alfredson
Sun 15 Sep 2013 04:51
Pos 16:35.74S 168:09.85E
Lamen Bay
Thursday 12/9.
We started at 7:50 for the 65 NM sail over to Epi. A nice sail doing 9 knots part of the way.
On the way we checked out Cooks reef near Emae Island. Unfortunately the wawes did not allow us to go in through the reef to anchor inside. The snorkeling is supposed to be special there.
We arrived in Lamen Bay at 17:00, in time for a quick swim before Happy hour.
In Lamen Bay lives "Bondas" the resident Dugong. Bondas likes to have his tummy rubbed. We were looking forward to the morning swim.
Mark cooked us a nice Australian sausage dish with mashed potatoes and the evening ended with Mexican Train. We have to break in Mark!
Friday 13/9
Everybody was in the water before breakfast to try and find Bondas but he was nowhere to be seen. There was lots of big turtles feeding on the seaweed all around the boat so we did not get dissapointed. We later found out from a local that Bondas dissapears sometimes for weeks. Nobody knows where he goes.
At lunchtime we went in to the village. We had heard music all morning. We found out that there was some kind of fiesta going on and we ended up eating lunch with the locals. Everybody is very friendly and we had a great time.
We had time for another swim with the turtles in the afternoon before it was time for Happy hour.
Photos will come when we get a decent internet connection.
Lars and crew