Last days in Noumea + pics

Lars Alfredson
Wed 6 Nov 2013 09:27
Pos 22:16.58S 166:27.01E
Port Moselle Marina
Sunday 3/11 – Thursday 7/11
On Sunday we returned to Noumea to prepare for our crossing to New Zealand.
On the way we stopped at a reef for a few last hours of swimming and snorkeling.
We arrived at Port Moselle in the afternoon and had to anchor outside as the Marina is not open on Sundays.
We were soon in the Dinghy all of us with computers and smart phones, heading for “Le Bout du monde” our office and drinking place in the Marina.
Monday morning I managed to get a place on the visitors pontoon which makes life easier with 5 people on board that comes and goes at all times of the clock.
We have now spent three days of provisioning and checking of the weather for the crossing. The “Dawnbreaker kids” have also had time for some heavy partying.
The weather now looks good and we will leave Thursday morning for Opua, New Zealand. Approx. 900 NM south.
I include some pics of our time in New Caledonia.
m_DSC_0361     m_DSC_0357
          Lots of boats when we arrive at Noumea.                                                                 Some looks a bit homemaid.
m_DSC_0371    m_DSC_0376
                    Nice place for a cold beer.                                                                            Sailing canoe
m_DSC_0382    m_DSC_0393
                Diego ready for the big plunge.                                                                               Dinner on the beach.
m_DSC_0388    m_DSC_0397
                  Hermit crab eating on a relative.                                                                    Look I found a new light weight house!
m_DSC_0407    m_DSC_0419
                            Alice and Sanna in a Jive.                                                                         Throwing an evil eye.
m_DSC_0436    m_DSC_0442
                         Alice practicing her knots.                                                                             At the top.
m_DSC_0451   m_DSC_0438  
                     There is a good view from the top.                                                                   Where did the track go?
m_DSC_0464   m_DSC_0468   
                              Sea snake.                                                                                            Another great sunset.
m_DSC_0016    m_DSC_0029
                                  Halloween.                                                                                       231 steps to the top.
m_DSC_0038     m_DSC_0043 
                           The view.