Last days in Recife

Lars Alfredson
Thu 13 Jan 2011 22:00
This were rather eventfully last days in Recife this week.

First we had Death on board! Four of our "US Made" service free batteries died  of thirst due to "lack of service"!!!
Intensive bottle to mouth watering and charging could not resuscitate them. Death declared today at 16GMT.
Viking burial ceremony was performed on strict tradition.

On the 12th Lars and myself went wreck diving in Recife at two tugboat site at 30 & 25 m depths.
We swam with two sandpaper sharks and turtle.  Highlight of the week.
                           Tug Boat Herkules 29m depth                                                 The Shark is coming close
                       Bubbelman Thomas                                                                          Lars in the weed
                                    Nice Fish                                                                                        Big Fish
                             What???                                                                             Time to get out of here
 More dive pictureres will come soon                                                 

The dangerous part was last night returning from a night out in town with Rogerio Molina (a close friend of
Tonton in Recife).Upon return to the Cabanga Yacht Club night security was nowhere to be seen so we had
to climb the gate under the risk of either being shot/arrested by the police by doing so at one in the morning
or being mugged.  No options right?
Big issue today among the club management.  Swedish burglars is the current Dawnbreaker reputation in Recife these days.

Today was another memorable day in Brazil .... After going to the port authorities and checking out to the
next harbour we took the bus to the supermarket for the next 3 weeks provisions .... One hour ride including
political rally from the local communist union at rush hour.  Overall it took us 5 hours to get things done and
to Lars dismay we could not find tonic water for his daily G&T.We finally managed to buy all the inventory
of a convenience store at liquid gold price, which will offset our budget for a month.

Getting ready to leave to Suape and Praia dos Carneiros tomorrow required general cleaning on board
so all were on their fours scrubbing the toilets, mopping the floor and doing last minute maintenance on
hard to reach places - like laundry, adding water to the engine cooling system,a chest burning challenge for Lars
.... kkkk ( no pictures available because it was either him or the camera in this tight spot).
Top Secret - we got now paper navigation detailed charts to the brazilian paradise spots acquired from the Navy not available on the digital charts!!