Langa Langa Lagoon

Lars Alfredson
Thu 6 Aug 2015 10:06
pos 8:51.43S 160:44.54E

2015-08-04 The following morning after a restless night trying not to fall off the narrow side benches that were our bed we arise. Shan’s up first and is busy in the galley while I slowly rise and get my head together and notice Lars’ second computer we use for e-mails and music is missing I assume he took it to bed with him as a precaution in view of yesterday afternoon’s incident.

I then notice my camera is missing. I don’t believe it! Lars arrives confirming his computer should be on the chart cable. We’ve been done over again despite us sleeping on deck, how did they do it?

Muddy footprints tell the tale, one set on either side of the yacht, they came over the top and reaching down through the hatch grabbed what was nearest and fled.

As we have arranged to meet Francis the bus driver, we prepare to move off. Just as I have the anchor up a police launch goes past, we try to wave them down but they just waves back, then the penny drops and they pull alongside.

They’re extremely helpful and as they are on a journey to the south of the island some 3 hours away they promised to arrange for their colleagues to come out from Auki.

We head our separate ways and meet up with Francis who comes aboard and guides us to his village with the good news that at 4 am this morning he caught the “Rascal” and recovered my Tablet undamaged except for a flat battery.

We relate to him our latest news before he introduces us to the Headmaster of the local junior school and go on tour. Returning he produces my tablet, then he and his mate Henry come aboard for a conference on the latest development, more of his friends arrive but finally they leave with the promise to report back about 4 pm the latest intelligence on our missing.

They haven’t long gone when a Police Launch arrives with a New Zealand policeman, a WPC from Australia and a local policeman, all members of the joint police administration put in after the bloodletting in 2002 to bring law and order back to the country.

They couldn’t have been more helpful and talking to a local teacher we had on board in Pigeon they confirmed they would take up the local investigation as everybody knows everybody and seem to know who the rascals are.

They hadn’t been gone long when there is a mighty roar from the shore, it school break and all the kids have arrived to look at the Yacht and are shouting to us. Lars gives his best roar and sets them laughing. It’s just like living in zoo and were the exhibits!

Lunch is eaten under the watchful eyes of our audience. As school finishes there’s an armada of small boats and swimmers making their way to us, accompanied by shouts of encouragement from those on shore. When they arrive, filling the sugarscoop, Shan gets them singing for which they get their lollipop reward.

As the afternoon advances so the numbers increase. As we hold them back behind the wheels they crowd aboard and even fill the dinghy astern. There are quite amusing but its wearing having your every move scrutinised by 20 or so pairs of dark eyes. Should we drink in front of the children? Lars and I could certainly do with a beer!


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