Catching up

Lars Alfredson
Thu 19 Feb 2015 23:09

We been a bit slow since our last crew change, but facebook has been active.  As off Mackay we are 6 onboard. The newcomers,  “Crazy” Ivan from Copenhagen and “Single” Martin from Gothenborg.   Steve “Bushman” has returned for his 3rd tour.  Sanna, Lars and Thomas continue on as well.  Ivan has taken two important roles on board, “the salad man” and wine connoisseur.  Martin has added to the musical scene and is our additional guitar player, the driving force of the jam sessions and opening the door to bust parties onboard other sail yachts.  He is also a non-meat eater, which has challenged the chefs.  Must say both are always on an exceptional mood and did fit right into the Dawnbreaker spirit.

We have been sailing around the Whitsunday region exploring the area and island hopping.  You can follow our locations on the blogs map.  Whitsundays is the jumping board to the Great Barrier Reef, the largest living structure on earth.  We are currently in between two Tropical Cyclones and well hidden deep in Nara’s Inlet, waiting for the weather window to allow us to move to the Hook and Hardy reefs over the next days.  All equipped with our fashionable stinger suits we feel confident to explore these waters and hope for some northerly winds to clear the water for scuba and snorkeling and of course marvelous pictures.