Lucea Harbour

Lars Alfredson
Sun 1 May 2022 16:52
POS 18:27.19N  78:9.12W

Midday stop for a break from the head nose wind and waves, for snorkeling and lunch. Waiting for the breeze subside and proceed west.  

About: Lucea Harbor, pronounced Lucy, is a lovely little harbor, easy in. The best anchorage is just south of the “marine terminal” in 12ft of water with good holding. The harbor is not protected against “northers” and would be uncomfortable in a blow. The anchorage is about a mile from the town of Lucea should you decide to go to town to provision or simply walk around. While the harbor is secure, do not leave your boat here anchored and unattended. (I never leave my boat anywhere anchored and unattended). 

LUCEA ANCHORAGE One of the interesting things about Lucea is the beautiful clock tower on the courthouse. The clock was built for St. Lucia and erroneously shipped to Lucea. The townsfolk liked it so much they refused to return it and instead took up a collection to pay for it. On the west side of the harbor entering you will see the remains of Fort Charlotte, named after King George III’s queen. Parts of it are still intact and you can see two of the king’s cannons mounted on rotary carriages.

The Anglican church has a rustic graveyard with a Jewish burial ground and an interesting story behind it. A side road that begins 200m west of the church leads to the Hanover Museum, a tiny affair housed in an old police barracks. Exhibits include prisoners' stocks, a wooden bathtub and a miscellany of pots, lead weights and measures. It also has a tiny gift shop, toilets and a snack bar. On the east side of the town square is the Cleveland Stanhope Market, which is a wonderful market to see and participate in on the weekends when the market is most active. There are so many vendors and buyers that it is like being at an old time fair. And there are so many interesting things on display. If you stop at Lucea, do not miss the market! Lucea’s famous clock tower As an afterthought, while I was in Montego Bay there was a young minister in the town square speaking about his mission and his work in Lucea. His name is Pastor D.S. Connell and he spoke on “The Struggle is My Life.” While I do not usually go out of my way for such a diversion, he spoke so passionately and charismatically about his work in Lucea that I had to stop and listen. He asked me to let all cruising sailors know that he would much appreciate the opportunity to welcome you to the town of Lucea if you make the stop.