Coromandel - Shelly Beach (Monday)

Lars Alfredson
Thu 15 May 2014 09:09
Comomandel - Shelly Beach
Position:    36:44.13S   175:28.89E

Good-Bye Jimmy, Good-Bye Jimmy.  As we left the Camping Grounds, Jimmy screamed
so many Good-Byes to us we thought he was glad to see us off.  On the way Winter
showed it self with all the wonderful colours around each Farm.  It was in a way very
strange to see most of the trees with Autumn/Winter colours in May.

                   Jimmy in his Cage that he's eating up                                                                                Silver Beech and Maple Tree, beautiful

We visited another of the "Kauri Trees" Reserve.  Everywhere the New Zealanders are
trying to bring the Kauri trees back as they are so sacred and mean alot to the Mauri's.
Alot of the branches have other vegetation growing on them and it makes them look
very meaningful to the forest and other plants.

                A group of Kauri trees growing above all the other trees                                                Ferns and Grasses growing on branches

Today (Monday), I've been here only 2 weeks. Whow! what alot Lars and I have done in
just 2 weeks and I'm here for 2 1/2 months more.  We won't be able to put out the blog
as often when we end up on the South Island, so it might be a group of photo's of our
Anyway, today we are going to visit the train that was built for Art.  The train is run to
collect and have access to the clay that is in the hills around this 60 acre property. The Pottery
was and is built by hand by Barry Brickell, an eccentric local potter and railway enthusiast. The
track is only 381mm (approx; 15") wide and climbs 120m over a distance of only 3 km.

                       The train we went in is called Snake No 3.                                                                                   View's from the train

                                  The track taking us to the top.                                                                                    The view half-way up the track.

Everywhere there were pieces of Pottery that Barry or his students had made from the
clay that they dug out from different points along the way.  When we got to the top
it was called "Eyefull Tower" after the one in France.

                                                  At the top

                                  The amazing view at the top                                                                                      All the passengers milling around

                     Everything was made at the Pottery.                                                                                Barry built most of the track with help

                            Panels and brickwork made at the Pottery

The train ride was fantastic. There were so many different pieces to see along the
way, sometimes you missed them the first time but saw them again while on our
return to the Workshop and Station.

We stopped for the night at Shelly Beach.  It's quiet and not alot of people around
on a Monday but wait un til Friday the Camp Grounds everywhere will be packed
We saw these amazing birds with little hats on. Their name is "California quail". They
were doing a dance for us and as they were a pair it must of been the male showing
off as usual.

                         Lars has put up the flags as on a yacht                                                                                   The California Quails

                                        The male Quail with his little hat.

That's it for today, back again soon.
Love Caroline and Lars. x