Koye River

Lars Alfredson
Thu 15 Sep 2016 21:12
Sep 13, 2016 a

Koye River
POS 51:46.45N 127:48.63W

The lake and rivers that flow into sea are prime real estate for grizzly bears thriving on spawning Salmon. 
We went up river with the goal to reach Koeye Lake but only got half way and even so had to portage our dinghy over pebbles and rocks.  
We we rewarded with the sight of 4 bears including two cubs. 
With the tide retreating we drifted back home but to late.  It became to shallow and ALL had to get out to carry the dinghy, including Urban who has chosen jeans and boots over shorts and sandals.  
While Lars and Thomas carry the dinghy, the Elk Urban Moose, tried to become a bear and hunt for Salmon on the rapids.   




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