Lars Alfredson
Sun 1 Dec 2013 00:28
Pos 35:14.99S 174:17.79E
Whangamumu Harbour
Saturday afternoon the newly formed fleet gathered in Paradise Bay. The fleet consists of Dawnbreaker, Obelisk, Aud and Hirrani. We have choosen channel 69 as our working channel, and the call sign we have picked is “Proud Mary” after our theme song. All in all we were 12 people. On Dawnbreaker there was Lars, Sanna, Tif and Diego. On Obelisk, Jesse, Alice, Adele, Ida and Kim. On Hirrani was Mark with Olivia and Thomas.
Aud with Inger and Kristoffer were a bit delayed and stopped for the night in Russell.
                                 Paradise Bay
As the crew came from many different countries it had been decided that each “country” should make a signature dish. Our first dinner together was “Pasta Bolognese” that was cooked and served on Dawnbreaker. All washes down with Beer and Wine.
Sunday the 24/11 we upped anchor at 10 am and had a nice sail around Cape Brett. Later the wind died and we had to motor in the last bit to Whangamumu Harbour where we anchored outside the old whaling station.
m_DSC_0296    m_DSC_0301
                             Obelisk on the rocks
m_DSC_0307    m_DSC_0313
                       Hirrani closes on Cape Brett.
m_DSC_0315    m_DSC_0331
              And also Dawnbreaker.
We arrived in time for lunch. After lunch we all went ashore and climed up an almost dried out river next to the whaling station. After some climbing we went down to the beach and had a nice little picnic with red wine.
m_DSC_0344    m_DSC_0350
                        Oops, slippery rocks.                                                                            A bit of climbing
m_DSC_0364    m_DSC_0382
                      Walking on line.                                                                                                Happy crew.
In the evening the french team with Olive as the masterchef cooked us “Ratatouille” with chicken and rice.
Then the party started on Dawnbreaker. “Proud Mary” was pumping out over the anchoridge followed by “Who the fuck is Alice”. It was late before our neighbours in the bay got any rest!!
Monday started with a morning swim to clear the cobwebs. Later in the day we went for another walk around the beautiful bay.
m_DSC_0415    m_DSC_0421
                                 Narrow ridge                                                                                                  and high grass.
m_DSC_0430    m_DSC_0440
                 nice bird in a tree.
For dinner the Swedish crew made sausage stroganof.
And then the wildest party yet took off!!!!
m_DSC_0469    m_DSC_0475
                             Warming up
m_DSC_0481    m_DSC_0495
m_DSC_0508    m_DSC_0535
m_DSC_0546    m_DSC_0580
                        Getting hot.
m_DSC_0618   m_DSC_0632
Lars with friends.