Ambon 2

Lars Alfredson
Sun 24 Mar 2019 15:37
Monday we had three things to do.
Immigration, Telkomsel and to find a hole in the wall.
Off we went in a "Grab" car across town to Immigration. The object being to get a one month extension to Urbans visa.
This turned into a bit of a discussion with no less than three immigration officers. It is the wrong stamp in the passport we were told. This one can not be extended.
No amount of reasoning could change this and in the end we had to leave disappointed . Urban now faces leaving the country for a visa run.

We then went to Telkomsel for sim cards for Urban and Ivan. This wprked well even if it took a long time.

The search for a cold beer with lunch took us to Swiss Bel hotel.

Last but not least we took another taxi in search of this china shop where we could replenish our beer stock.
Mission accomplished and back on board we moved the boat through the dirty waters of Ambon to the end of the bay.

Tomorrow we are leaving for Banda Islands.