Kirkwall, Orney

Lars Alfredson
Tue 22 Aug 2023 19:24
POS 58:59.270N  2:57.513W

News from board ….

We decided yesterday to get up this morning at 04.00, to be able to get to kirkvall on Orkney in a reasonable  time - around 04.30.
I was still up alone and thought something was wrong with my watch; nope. tired crew only … complaining .....its so dark out there . Hehe At 05.00 they were up under protest and we left Fair Isle . Fantastic day at sea, some sailing and a lot of motoring. Arrived at 15.30 I guess . Went out for dinner and now we are back in the boat again .The crew are coughing; they dont feel to well. It is probably going to be a early evening .me and Ubbe are feeling fresh.ubbe is down in the "cellar" planning for tomorrow. the museum at scapa flow is one request .its like an open book .turn the page and we will see .(tomorrow) most sincerely 

image0.jpegThomas Ohlsson