Pentecost, Waterfall Bay

Lars Alfredson
Sun 22 Sep 2013 06:38
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Waterfall Bay
Wedensday 18/9.
After breakfast we left Ranvetlam on Ambryn for a 15 NM dash over to Pentecost. The wind the usual SE gusting 30 knots = fast passage.
We anchored for lunch in Homo Bay at the south end of Pentecost.
Pentecost is famous for the “Land Divers” when the the young men of Pentecost build high towers of trees and branches. (Up to 35 meters high).
They then tie a liana vine around his legs and leap into the air. The aim is to touch the ground with your forhead when the vines stop you.
This is a ceremony to give you a good yams harvest.
This takes place in May, June and July so we were unfortunately not able to watch any jumps .
In the afternoon we continued north along the coast and anchored for the night at Waterfall Bay.
Thursday 19/9
As the name suggests there is a nice waterfall in this bay. After breakfast we took the Dinghy to the beach and went exploring.
We soon found a nice guide that led us, first to a nice cave up the mountainside that we explored before going to the Waterfall.
m_DSC_0252   m_DSC_0257
                                                                                                                               The opening in the back wall leads to a sacred cave.
m_DSC_0263    m_DSC_0267
              Bend your head.                                                                                               Philip our guide teaches us about LapLap.
m_DSC_0273    m_DSC_0275 
                     Beautiful plants.                                                                                     and waterfall.    
We had a nice dip in the pond under the fall. Water is heavy when it hits your head from 30 meters.
m_DSC_0285    m_DSC_0283
                                 Chicks                                                                                                        and more chicks.
When we came back to the village, Philip guided us around that to. we met lots of interesting people on our walk.
m_DSC_0253    m_DSC_0254 
                     Here rest the big chief and his wife.                                                                       Traditional buildings.
m_DSC_0291   m_DSC_0292
                                Happy juggler.                                                                            The horse that brings the Kava to the beach.
m_DSC_0293    m_DSC_0294
                    Can I buy cigarettes?                                                                                      We also sell fresh chicken!
m_DSC_0295     m_DSC_0297
                 Weaving carpets from palm fronds.
m_DSC_0299     m_DSC_0300
                This Banyan tree is a memory tree.                                                               You put a stone in it and it keeps your happy memories.
m_DSC_0301     m_DSC_0310
                                                                                                                               This canoe is made from “Blue water tree” see the rain water.
In the afternoon we moved up the coast to Loltong Bay. See next blog.
Lars and crew.