A little problem and first impresions of the city

Lars Alfredson
Sun 16 Oct 2011 23:37

Buenos Aires 14102011


Lars fires up the generator to run the washing machine, there are a few problems with it overheating. Upon investigation it would appear that Oil instead of water has been used to fill the fresh water circuit of the cooling system resulting in a this gooky mayonnaise that is clogging the whole system and has to be removed.. somehow ?


Consultation with Martin in the States and this morning Lars disappers down the engine room to dismantle piping and bits various while we experiment with washing liquid and boiling water to try to break up this gook.



Anyone for mayonaise de la Generator

After manually cleaning many bits of plumbing etc and of the basting syringe to suck out the offending mess we finally get some circulation. Progress is extremely slow and a sweaty cramped Lars has to be taken for Lunch and a few beers to keep him going.


Lars and I venture into town and Thomas repairs to his bunk, still not at his best.  BA and its rejuvenated docklands are very impressive with massive modern glass skyscrapers and the old warehouses now converted to apartments and restaurants. The wide boulevards a mecca for roller bladers



                  The Yacht Club Dock                                           Regenerated city centre and docklands                         Made in Cardiff ....





                  Pedestrian Swingbridge                                                          A bit they missed                                                     An old Antarctic hand




Back down the engine room and at 6:30 I lure him out for Gin and Tonic then to the Club to get scrubbed, but the promised night on the town fades as we all have an attack of old age (Except for Peter who went out the night before and still hasn’t returned !) so its dinner at the club and NO nightcap but straight to bed .. Shopping day tomorrow , Two months worth of booze and food to be purchased starting with 450 tins of beer 120 bottles of wine etc.