Caleta Horno to Comodoro Rivadavia

Lars Alfredson
Thu 10 Nov 2011 21:38

07112011 Continued…



That evening whilst we relax after a dinner of ancient package soup that taste rather dried “Mummy” and is probably as old,

Thomas fires up the breadmaker.As the evening progress its noted that the breadmaker has assumed a life of its own and light brown goo is oozing from its lid.

Thomas is galvanised into action and “Carpe Diem” or at least “Seize the bread maker” and in a valiant effort manages to salvage

enough of the gook to fill a baking pan which is directed to oven, the rest being launched into a watery grave.


Thomas pix 001      Thomas pix 002

                             Stuck in the pan                                                                              Remains


I have a fit of common sense (Having fallen asleep) and retire early and therefore am unable or responsible to the record the events involving “Burgamiester” and other drinks of a dubious nature.



08112011 Caleta Horno to Comodoro Rivadavia


Having completed our exploration of the area we decide on a change of plan and that after lunch we would set out for Comodor Rividavia in search of fuel and water.

Peter was dropped ashore as there was a structure on a hill he wanted to explore with strict instructions to be back 1400 in time for lunch and our departure.


After lunch we untie our shorelines and head out. The wind is from the south and on the nose as usual as we hoist the main and number one jib as we head out.



09112011 At Sea


Thomas pix 007 

                                   Muddy anchor


During the night the wind increases although the seas are relatively kind and we’re heeled over in 20kt winds. Thomas and Lars have changed down to the number two,

a heavier jib, more suited the increasing winds and put a reef in the main by the time I come on at 0400.

Later I have to reduce sail by partially rolling in the jib to decrease the heel and get the toe-rail up out the water


With an occasional “Greenie” crashing down the deck over the coach roof and into the cockpit it pays to keep a good lookout and duck.

Were having to tack our way down the coast and although making 7kt we're are increasing the distance we have to travel as we zigzag our way forward.


Dawn breaks, Peter comes up to relieve me at 0600 and before I retire we tack to starboard. The good news is with the new angle of heel  I shouldn’t fall out of my bunk..


Peter’s watch was pretty uneventful apart from the navigating computer shutting every now and then. The wind eventually died altogether so it was engine on.

The good news is that we can now point directly at our destination which we have spent the night sailing tasking towards.


Dolphins 003     Dolphins 014


As we near land we suddenly receive and escort of Dolphin. Some weave in and out of our bow wave while other run alongside leaping in gracefull arcs

as they effortlessly keep pace with us. They leave us as we enter harbour and we proceed towards the anchorage off the yacht club as marked on the charts (HTC Scores again!)


Dolphins 022 


No sooner had we anchored that the Perfectura (Coast Guard) direct us to move and their RIB escorts us back into the main harbour to tie along side the patrol ship


Comodoro Dock 009     Comodoro 004


After and excellent display of seamanship for the conscripts aboard we tie alongside. Shortly thereafter the officer comes aboard with the usual sheaf of paperwork and the magic stamp.

An Anchordram of JaegerMeister, for us and an orange juice for our visitor while Thomas and he settle down to an hour of form filling.


Comodoro 012     Comodoro 013



Peter leaps ashore to explore while the geriatrics opt for a siesta, then a shower before he meets us at the port gates to guide us the Molly Mallone pub and Wi-Fi.

The pub is full of rugby memorabilia, but unfortunately we cannot get their Wi-Fi to connect to our computers though it will connect to our phones,

a problem we have encountered before. So a change of venue to a rather dark and dingy bar with a big pool table room where upon our “net” business is completed

then off in search of a restaurant for a barbequed steak Argentinean style.


Comodoro 011     Comodoro 010


Back to base though for us though Thomas decides to check the night scene, his report in the morning was that “were too old for this sort of thing”

as the whole of the cities youth seem to come to life after 2300 with the main street jammed with traffic.


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