I've finally arrived - 21 st December

Lars Alfredson
Tue 21 Dec 2010 15:23
Hello everyone, It took me 4 days to finally arrive at Recife in Brazil. My first flight to Frankfurt was cancelled on 17th and didn't start until 18th, then when I got to Lisbon my flight had left 2 hours before and there's only 1 flight a day.  I stayed in Lisbon in Hotel Roma which was OK but the food tasted all the same. The Airport in Lisbon said that my luggage would be looked after so I thought it would be OK and follow me the next day.  On my arrival finally in Recife on 19th and what do you think happened. NO LUGGAGE at all. All my medicine and everything I thought would be nice to have are still missing and it's Tuesday, 21st today. I am lucky that I have the most important pills with me or I would be climbing the walls and make Lars life Hell. If it doesn't get here tomorrow I hope to go to the Airport just to see if it's just lying around somewhere otherwise I'm going to have to find a Doctor here and see if I will get help.
Lars is taking me shopping for some clothes as I only have winter clothes and it's over 30 C. I've been wearing Lars clothes which is alright for the moment.
Lars and I would like to THANK Eric, Jonas, Peter Ö and Thomas for all their help crossing from Cape Verde and I would like to say thank you, as well,  for all the hard work they all have done to keep the boat clean and tidy.
I hope everyone will keep their fingers crossed for me and hopefully tomorrow all my luggage will arrive.
Love to all