"twodays" for tomorrow

Lars Alfredson
Fri 29 Jun 2018 17:00
POS 1:56.538S 176:06.293W
We are now at 176W longitude approaching the date-line within two days at 180W or 180E as you prefeer.
Lost in time, we have no idea of which date and time we are, as these countries corrupted the official dateline.  Our lives are based on the ship’s clock, and this is even a question mark.  Theoretically we should be one hour ahead of the date line and in at the same day as most of you.  Within two days we will be travelling in time to tomorrow.  To bad it does not shorten the 670nm to go.
Additionally we will cross the equator for a second time in about 3 days (400nm).
Our days start and end with fantastic sun performances, only matched by the full moon nights.
db crew