90 Mile Beach / Akipara

Lars Alfredson
Tue 6 May 2014 06:30
Pos 35:10.24S    173:09.52E

90 Mile Beach/Akipara

We visited a few places along the 90 Mile Beach.  The Surfers like this beach as there are lot of breakers
in different areas.  Most Mauris swim and look for the best surfing places.  The beaches are sometimes
driven on by people that are fishing or just having fun driving as far as they can get on the beach.

                  Going surfing?                                                                                                You don't always need water to surf.

                 This is the road to the beach.                                                                             Caroline would not let me drive down.

Lars wanted to get on the beach at least twice and I saw it was very soft and we would get stuck but
finally he just took his chance before I realised what he was doing and we were on the beach.  It wasn't
that bad but I was glad to be on the road again.

              I got my will through in the end.                                                                                 90 Miles Beach as long as you can see.

We tried a few places along the 90 mile beach to stay for the night.  It wasn't until our 3rd try that we
found a Camping Ground that was open and that was Akipara.  The Camping Ground is beautiful. It's
run by a couple from Switzerland and they are so friendly.  We have a camping place among very high
Fir trees and hedges made out of Bamboo that is so thick that my hand isn't able to go round it.
There are a few who seemed to have made their home in the camp ground permanently, otherwise
there were very few Camper Vans like us.

                      Bamboo,                                                                                                                                     Some other kind of grass.

Caroline and Lars.