Photos from Patagonia 1

Lars Alfredson
Fri 9 Mar 2012 21:09
fox     m_DSC_0006
                  Patagonian Fox                                                                Ice and Trees
m_DSC_0007      m_DSC_0015
                       Caleta Olla                                                                       Hiking to the glacier    
m_DSC_0020      m_DSC_0035
                                                                                                         Fraterenizing with the locals
m_DSC_0048      m_DSC_0056  
                       Caleta sinko Estrellas
m_DSC_0068     m_DSC_0130
                    On the top                                                                Dolly Mark 4 comes out of hiding
m_DSC04238     m_DSC04247
                            Boathug                                                                        Bearhug
m_DSC_0103     m_DSC_0132
               Parting from Mina2