Ushuia weekend

Lars Alfredson
Mon 12 Dec 2011 21:39

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12122011 Ushuaia


Over the last couple of days we have be quite familiar with the town. On Saturday we set out to the Western end looking for the “Chandlery”

which actually was somewhat like “Charlies” back home and sold anything and everything from Ouboards motors to Chain-saws and Bilge pumps, a real Alladins cave.


Ushuaia 049     Ushuaia 051

                    “Chandlery” street                                                                  Our goal


Having explained our need in the usual combination of hand gestures, Calculator to show figures and pidgeon Spanish. We left with promise of an answer

to our queries on prices and availability of pumps, outboard engines as well as Anti-freeze etc. on Monday when we should return.


On our way back we took the “High” road to explore this new part of the town and discovered the “Beagle” brewery where we are invited in!

A tasting and discussion regarding pressurised containers of beer ensued as the answer to minimising waste disposal in the form of cans or bottles.

Consequently Richard the CO and Guillemot their sales manager were invited to happy hour so we could persue the matter further.


Ushuaia 061     Ushuaia 066

               We found a goldmine                                    Sampling the Beagle brew


The duly arrived clutching more samples of their different brews which we were happy to try in the name of research.

Cupboards were measured and lockers explored as to their suitability to contain the varying sizes of canister. Never has research been more ardeously persued.


Ushuaia 077

                         More research!!!



We didn’t bother to venture ashore that night and spent a quiet contemplative evening aboard.



SUNDAY and Peter’s gone on tour and Lars and head out in search of the Tourist Office and a suitable Wi-Fi café for lunch and to send the last  batch of  Falklands pictures.



Ushuaia 3 Artisans 017    Ushuaia 022 

                   Our WiFi cafe                                                                Like a museum inside


Our route takes us through and Artisans market with the usual woollens, Jewellery and Penguins souveniers though we come across a man making pendants out of coins

by jig sawing various bits out of them to leave the penguins or other emblems on the coins, very labour intensive but very pretty.


Ushuaia 3 Artisans 026    Ushuaia 3 Artisans 027

                      Filing away                                                                           Pretty result


At the Tourist centre, having picked up the pamphlets and been given the information we wanted it turns out they have free Wi-Fi.

So computers out, link and away to go-ish as Lars computer throws a wobble and half way through sending the batches of pictures disappear into the ether

and limboland.So after lunch its back to the boat to start over again!


As we enter the pilot-house I pick up a paper off the floor which turns out to be a note in French which I manage to translate.

It’s from the yacht Vagalami who had been tied up to us. They write that they had had an accident when leaving as their anchor snagged us damaging our “Chandelia” ? er? a light fitting?

We check the bow lights but they are ok. Then as we walk back down the deck we see the stainless steel safely rail has a definite kink in it and this has also pulled the top of the rail down.


Ushuaia 3 Artisans 035     Ushuaia 3 Artisans 036

                    French letter!                                                      Le problem



MONDAY Beds are stripped and smelly jackets and the like packed for Peter and Lars to load up on the Bikes for delivery to the Laundry.

They plan to go via the Chandlery and the supermarket on the way back. Meanwhile I’m cleaning the Heads and shower (I’m sure Thomas said he was going to do it ?) and get the Blog up to date.


They arrive back with food various and two types of wine to assess for suitability and bulk purchase. Roxanne comes aboard and is shown the bent stantion

and contacts welders to come asses the damage. Shortly thereafter our delivery arrives from the chandlery, two new bright red fenders, 5 x 4litres of engine oil and anti-freeze.


Ushuaia 3 Artisans 038    Ushuaia 3 Artisans 039

                            New bits                                                                              Busy dock


I now conclude the blog as lunch is about to be served. Well dine outside today as its flat calm with no wind, the sun is shining, its nice and  warm up here!


Bob the Blog.