Day 1 to Iceland

Lars Alfredson
Fri 21 Jul 2023 11:36
POS 60:04.645N  42:57.652W  

First day of a 640nm leg to Iceland. The journey should take about 4 days. 
No working heater and ice packed route. “ Spoke to a Danish navy ship earlier, they were outside the sound. They didn't dissuade us to go, but be careful as visibility will be a bit poor.” Jonas
 Heater was working fine for a week.
Then suddenly stopped.  Troubleshooting the same thing again as last time (pump,fuses,voltage) , all OK.
Can hear waterpump starting up when starting heater. 
Waterpump speeds up for 10 sec, then slows down during 15 sec and then stops.

We found that water system was empty. 
Filled it up but no changes. My best guess is that overheating due to missing water caused the heater to stop. To many startup during troubleshooting and now heater is in lock mode.”