Lars Alfredson
Mon 14 Mar 2016 23:56

pos 32:49.34N 129.44.98E
Mie harbour.

On Friday the 11th we were ready to leave Sunset Marina. We had filled up on water, fuel and even managed to fill our propane bottle.
The weather looked promising so we took off heading north along Kyushu. A mistake it turned out to be. When we went around the corner into the open sea we were hit by 25 knots of wind on the nose and big waves. Our speed dropped to about 2 knots. It was not a difficult decision to head into the fishingtown Mie just 6 NM up the coast.

Inside the high harbour walls it was nice and calm again. We spotted a pontoon with room for us and were just about to tie up when a man approached us and signaled that it was to shallow and that he would show us where to tie up. I thought it was ok with 3.5 m of water but we followed his advice. We had to tie up along a concrete pier full of shells, but with the fender board it worked out. And down we went, soon we were to low to go ashore without a ladder. It turned out to be 2.6 m of tide.
After lunch we spent the rest of the day relaxing. I worked on the faulty autopilots with no luck. Nice dinner on board with a game of...
All is well.
Lars, Karl and Anna.

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