Lars Alfredson
Thu 24 Mar 2016 01:46

pos 33:55.05N 130:48.54E

When we got back to Dawnbreaker after our long walk, it was 14.00 hours. We decided to sail closer to the passage between Kyushu and Honshu, Kanmon Kaikyo. We wanted to tackle this passage the next morning.
We had a nice sail along the top end of Kyushu.
The area around this passage is just an enourmous industrial area. It took us a while to find somewhere to tie up our little boat. We found a sheltered corner along an industrial pier.
To our big surprice about half an hour after we had tied up and enjoyed a "Gammel Dansk" in the pilot house, we were raided by the Coast Guard. They approached in full speed, three men ran ashore and over to us. Then followed a 1.5 hour long "interview" with lots of questions. The first thing they asked was "Is there any Asians on board" (perhaps they thought we were smugglers). I ended up having to tell them every single stop we had made since arraiving in Okinawa more than one month ago. For every port I had to give arrival date and time and departure date and time. That demanded some creative thinking, but a had my track on the plotter and my blogs to help me sort it out. They finally left happy and very friendly after lots of phone calls.
We could then get our belated dinner, cooked by Lone.
All is well,
Lars and crew.

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