Lars Alfredson
Thu 11 Apr 2019 14:04
POS 08:24.60S 121:01.80E
Riung, 17 Islands Marine Park

After motoring all day and night, with only a stop for swimming, we arrived early Thursday morning in Riung.

Riung turned out to be a sleepy little village at the end of the road. Exploring the village we found a few small shops a couple of eateries. The Laundromat was two girls with one bucket a wooden board and a scrubbing brush.
After a cold Bintang and booking a car with driver for the morning, we returned to the boat and did our washing on board.
We also tested out the snorkeling on the nearby reefs. Walked into th village for dinner at a restaurant called "Pato Pesto"

Friday morning at 7 am we got into our rented car and headed for the mountains. The road was terrible with big pot holes everywhere.
Our first stop was Bajawa the main town of the province. Situated on 1100 m height. It took us 4 hours of bone jarring driving to cover the 72 kms!!
After a stop for refreshments we continued to the main attraction for the day the traditional Ngada village of Bena.
This is one of several ancient villages f the Ngada people. Will try to get some pics.
After this amazing place we went back to Bajawa for lunch.
We also visited a hot spring that was supposed to be nice but turned out to be a very neglected and run down place.
Then started our 4 hour drive back to Riung.

When back on the boat after a swim and a cold drink we decided to head out to sea and use the night to go to Labuanbajo the gateway to the Komodo islands and the Komodo dragons.