Dawnbreaker Poetry Contest

Lars Alfredson
Sat 13 Feb 2021 21:30

BREAKING NEWS ..........
Despite the ongoing pandemic, global financial crisis and the cost of provisions on St Helena - The "Dawnbreaker Literary Prize for Poetry 2021" Competition has been announced.
It is hoped that this competition will muster the academic and poetic brilliance of "Dawnbreaker" Blog readers around the world and in future be a worthy alternative to the "Turner Prize".
A huge prize fund has already been set up and prizes beyond the imaginations of many are being amassed.
The competition winner will receive not only global recognition but also their "Winners Certificate" written on the rear of a Post Card which will be posted to them from Ascension Island and bear the signatures of Captain and crew. Furthermore the winning poem will be entered into the "Dawnbreaker" Guest Book, by the ships resident Calligrapher and Artist, Kenneth. Said entry will then be photographed and attached to the "Prizewinners VIP Blog".
The organisers have been blessed that Lady Caroline of Gothenburg (wife of Capt. Lars), a lady not to be messed with and Admiral Thomas of Brazil (Shore based Admin Officer to "Dawnbreaker") a renowned literary critic within his own living room, have agreed to be judges in this most prestigious of competitions.
However, before you all rush out to re stock with Quills, Ink, Parchment and Vodka there are some rules which must be followed.
1. The competition is open to All "Dawnbreaker" Facebook followers/friends who have a mental age and the ability to use a comp you tar.
2. ALL entries are to be posted on the "Dawnbreaker" Facebook page and must be headed "Entry for the 'Dawnbreaker' Literary Prize for Poetry 2021 - Competition". These 10 words and punctuation are NOT an allowance and must be included in the total word count for the competition (see rule 3, post.)
3. ALL entries must be to a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 100 words".
4. A word will be considered to be any letter or number, or combination of letters or numbers, which are followed by a space, full stop or any other punctuation symbol.
5. Any recognised poetic style is permissible.
6. ALL entries must make some reference to, or be connected in someway with, "Dawnbreaker", her crew or voyages.
7. The closing date for the competition is 12.00 hrs GMT Thursday 18th February 2021.
8. Any attempts to bribe the crew with financial or other interesting offers will be gratefully received, but are unlikely to have any effect on the judges decisions.
9. The decisions of the judges, no matter how ridiculous or perceived to be unfair, will be final and not subject to any impeachment or appeal proceedings.
In closing the organisers wish you all good luck.
PLEASE join in with this fun and invite friends to join.
As always - Enjoy Life, Stay Safe and Look out for Your Friends.
Deck Hand Pete

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