Iwai Shima

Lars Alfredson
Mon 28 Mar 2016 12:45

pos 33:47.15N 131:59.51E
Iwai Shima

We motored the 20 nm to Iwai Shima and arrived at the bottom of the spring tide. This meant that we hit bottom where we wanted to tie up. We soon found another spot that was deeper, but it can be difficult to climb up to the pier when the tide is down almost 3 m.
Problem solved we had time for a walk before it got dark. The village was climbing up the side of the mountain and there was lots of stairs and narrow walkways. We saw hardly any people out and about.
After dinner on board we had a very special occasion! There was two Mexican Train virgins that had to be introduced to the game!
All is well,
Lars, Ivan and Lone.

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