Russell Islands

Lars Alfredson
Fri 5 Jun 2015 06:05
pos 9:2.85S 159:5.25E
Nggee Bay, Pavuvu Island.
Monday the 1st of June
On sunday afternoon the wind picked up and we got a fine sail the last half of the 50 NM crossing from Honiara.
As we got in late in the afternoon and the light was fading we decided to anchor behind Faila Island. The problem was that it was very deep all the way up to the reef. It ent from 60 meters to 2 meters in half a boat length. We ended up with dropping the anchor behind a coral rock up on the reef and hang out from there in the deep water. We would have had problems if the wind changed direction. All went well and we had a calm night.
Monday we moved on among the islands. At lunch time we found a promising little island with a good snorkeling reef and a sand beach.
We had some fantastic snorkeling and a nice lunch. Only disturbed by Rex in his canoe. He paddled over from the village on a nearby island and claimed that this was his private island. He then demanded 300 solomon dollars in anchoring fee. An animated disscussion later we gave him 100 dollars and left. We moved on to Nggee Bay on Pavuvo Island. There we anchored outside a village called Nukufero. When we went ashore we found out that it was a polynesian village with lighter people and different houses from the mainly melanesian villages we have visited before. We also had time for a dighy expedition up the river that came down at the head of the bay. That was also interresting. There is supposed to be lots of crocodiles in the river and they come out in the bay at night. No nightswimming.
Tuesday morning we are off for New Georgia Island.
All is well,
Lars and crew.