Kiska Island

Lars Alfredson
Thu 14 Jul 2016 09:42
POS 52:23N 175:27E

Don't even know if it is today o tomorrow with this matter of Alaska std time and the actual time zone. On the watch we already on yesterday but geographically we are still today. Confusing for the body, stomach and even sunst sunrise watch.
We are still 170nm away free m the dateline.
We left Attu Isl to Kiska Island, some 180nm away. We should be there tomorrow morning. It was an uneventful night. The wind died on us and it became boring. With sunrise only at 07:20 the last watch was not as enjoyable as usual, despite kour schedule adjustment.
Kiska another Island of the Aleutian chain and there are reports to be numerous interesting military remains from World War II, including a two-man submarine.
The most important of the Rat Islandsmis dominated by the Kiska volcano and is rather small with 22nm long