Island Hopping

Lars Alfredson
Thu 1 Dec 2011 18:50
Pos 51:21.82S 60:04.74W Sealer Cove, Saunders Island

01122011 Island Hopping

Weighing anchor we have the opportunity to try our "Cutter" as the chain is draped in lengths of kelp. Its razor sharp blade work a treat and makes short work of the weed except the wind catches the smaller bits firing them down the deck.

The anchor comes up cover in a gooey mud which fortunately falls off in two big lumps then were away wind on the nose and a day of motoring in steep seas

The scenery is very reminiscent of sailing the Scottish lochs as the landscape is now dominated with mountain and small flat islands as well as reefs for us to weave through.

Our destination is Saunders Island settlement which on arrival appears to consist of half a dozen houses and a shearing shed above a rocky shoreline.

We're anchored 2 cables offshore in a sheltered anchorage and are looking to go ashore in the dinghy who knows we might run into Bills brother who lives on the island.

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