Rio del Plata Delta excursion

Lars Alfredson
Sat 15 Oct 2011 14:15
We had a great day with Rodolfo my good friend from Buenos Aires.
First we drove up the coast, along the La Plata river to a river city called Tigre, through San Isidro and San Fernando.
A quick walk around the Mercado de Frutas, where all fruit and vegetables, grown up-river, are sold.
This is also a very nice tourist spot with artisans and handcraft stores ... totally packet on sunny weekends.
From Tigre we boarded a riverboat bus, which took us along the channels to a top class "Parilla" - Argentinian barbecue house!
It was a marvelous day, topped with a 1kg charcoal barbecued steak. See the fork as a reference on the picture.
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The MONSTER steak                                                              And we all had one each ......
On the best Argentinian style another friend of mine – Martin - joined us with his fast powerboat for lunch and special return ride.
We cruised up the river by all fancy Yacht clubs until we found Nemo - another Swedish Adventurer, moored at yacht Club Barlavento.
We have been meeting along the coast down from Brasil since last X-mas. Lars off course was full set on swedish as a reveange to our constant spanisg conversations over the last weeks.

Valet parking                                 Rodolfo and Martin                     
Looking for Nemo
The evening was topped with drinks at Recoleta, a bohemian traditional neighbourhood in BA which surronds the oldest cemitery, where Peron and his wife Evita are buried.
A slow Thursday evening at Recoleta                    La Biela, most traditional pub in town
Bob the blog arrived this morning at around 7, with the news he will be getting married next year. So this will be his bachelor sail, I guess .....
Off course first thing was a cold beer ......
“bob the blog” is back! And so is drinking
One beer is not enough .....  Buenos Aires skyline.