The parcel

Lars Alfredson
Fri 28 Oct 2011 20:52

27102011 The Parcel



0730 and everyone is up for our mob handed visit to the post office. Peter dons his rucksack and we check our kit, brown paper, scissors, tape, pen, passport and pile into a waiting taxi.


Mar de Plata 040

                     We are off


On arrival Peter is immediately recognised and the saga continues, parcel open to inspect contents, parcel resealed (With brown paper we brought with us)

Though their has definitely been attitude change. The staff are friendly and cooperative. I’m invited to film the proceding and a jolly party atmosphere pervades.

They even reseal the package for us (Using our brown paper)


Mar de Plata 045     Mar de Plata 046

Mar de Plata 047     Mar de Plata 048

                      Wrapping service                                            More forms


Finally the sticky barcode label and a little red stamp are attached, and with one final photo its whisked off into the sytem.


Mar de Plata 049     Mar de Plata 050

                        No more forms please                                                                   All friends at last


We celebrate with a tour of the city, Thomas visiting every Farmarcia we pass (We suspect he’s a secret drug runner) and hardware store in search

of the elusive Pressure Cooker. I top up my pay-as-you-go card and we all try to extract cash from various banks,

Lars fails again as won’t give him more than a small allowance each day.


Mar de Plata 056 Mar de Plata 058

As we arrive at the beach front there is a terrific surf running and the wind is blowing around 30+ knots sending up sand, stinging the eyes.

In the Prom wall we discover a market and visit before find a very nice restaurant right on the waters edge to take lunch.


Mar de Plata 077     Mar de Plata 089

                          Beach market                                                                         Surfs up


Mar de Plata 060     Mar de Plata 067

                  Were not the only bums                                      Dogs


A double hamburger with tomato, cheese and egg Lars and I, Hamburger “Original” for Thomas and Peter has decided to take the healthy

option of chicken salad all washed down with a “Stella” or two.


Mar de Plata 071    Mar de Plata 084

                              The Pier                                                                            Lunch restaurant

We share an order of the best Chips I’ve seen in South America, big thick cut and home made. Poor Peter his salad arrives minus the chicken!

the waitress is summond and ten minutes later a large flattened piece of chicken arrives, unfortunately its only half cooked.


Mar de Plata 085    Mar de Plata 081

                            Beach huts                                                                  Five sealions


We depart after paying a somewhat reduced bill and head for coffee and a bun at a very posh establishment further down the beach.

After sticky buns for all  its to go home Peter walks we taxi.


I work on the blog and arrange to meet Lars up at the club to send it. Its shut again and in freezing wind with numbed fingers we tend to our labours.

Then its back to G& T’s though we wonder about adding ice.


Thomas cooks up a heat restoring Chorizoo and chicken dinner with plenty of Garlic which reaches all the parts, that and the heating system going

full blast and circulation is restored. No-ones going out tonight, the radio announces its 4C out there which settles it.  


Bob the blog.