Some pics from the crossing

Lars Alfredson
Sun 17 Nov 2013 01:10
m_DSC_0002    m_DSC_0003
                              Sunrice                                                                                                     Halfway celebration
m_DSC_0007     m_DSC_0009
             It can be difficult to tie a bowline.                                                                                   Up she goes.   
m_DSC_0057    m_DSC_0055
           Starboard side                                                                    Port side.  
m_DSC_0011   m_DSC_0015
             Offering of kava to the wind gods.   
m_DSC_0022     m_DSC_0035
               Sometime it is cold.                                                                                      Sometime it is warm.
m_DSC_0025    m_DSC_0030
                  Dolphins come and visit.
m_DSC_0028     m_DSC_0031
m_DSC_0059    m_DSC_0060
            Tangled hair is hard to clear out.                                                             Land after 8 days.
Lars and his “kids”