Tinggi island

Lars Alfredson
Wed 20 Nov 2019 09:34
Pos 02:17.48N 104:05.92E

Saturday 16Nov. We continued south and tried to go to Mersing on the mainland to fill diesel as we are running low. We did not get all the way in to the harbour had to turn around when the water depth went below 2.5 m.
Instead we continued to Tinggi Island. There we went ashore at the resort and found a closed run down place. We then went in search of a supposedly nice waterfall. Climbing up the side of a hill through thick vegetation and a barely visible track. We gave up after more than an hour and a couple of buckets sweat.
Coming down again we found another track which half the crew followed and eventually reach a small waterfall. It was nice with a swim after all that exercise.

Lars and crew

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