Dawnbreaker is hibernating

Lars Alfredson
Sat 14 May 2011 21:22
Pos 34:52.501S 55:16.787W
My friends this is the last blog from onboard before we head out for a Summer break. Dawnbreaker had an uneventfull haul and is securely resting on shore.
A little setback dropping Genoa 2, as the halyard top swivel got jammed. Had to cut the profile tape to get sail down and as usual Lars had about 10 trips
to the top of the mast - thank you for inventing electric winches, he needs to loose some weight.
The growth pictured on the last entry was from another boat. Monday off to the sailmaker to discuss repairs and Tuesday of home.
All is super clean for the next leg, but some repairs and jobs still pending.
lars & thomas