Port of Vagur

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Thu 10 Aug 2023 14:52
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Vágur meaning Bay (DanishVåg) is a town on the island of Suðuroy, part of the Faroe Islands

It is situated on the east coast of the islandon the Vágsfjørður fjord, and was founded in the fourteenth century. Expansion has meant that the nearby town of Nes is now a suburb of Vágur. Vágur has a sports hall next to the football grounds on Eiðinum, near Vágseiði, a swimming pool by the school and a clinic which offers the services of doctors, nurses and dentists. There is also a hotel, one bank and various shops.

The port area, which is 14 m in depth, is situated on the northern part of the fjord.[3] The port authorities can offer services of piloting (lods), water and fire-fighting, and in connection with the harbour there is a modern fish factory and auctioneers for fish. Salmon farming is also a part of the fish industry in Vágur, this includes salmon farm rings on the fjord and in other places near the east coast of Suðuroy and a salmon factory. The town has a slipway, a fleet of fishing vessels and a filleting factory.


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