Lars Alfredson
Fri 26 Jun 2015 02:12
pos 4:12.45S 152:10.68E
Rabaul, Papua New Guinea
Friday 26th of June 2015

Tuesday 23/6 we reach the Duke of York Island early in the morning. We decide to stop there for the day before we continue to Rabaul. We anchored in lee of Mioko Island. A lovely place with a big village. It was a nice sunny morning after two days with rain showers. Unfortunately the rain soon came back. We took it easy but managed to do an excursion in the village and to visit some caves that the villagers used to hide from the Japanese to avoid being forced labour. Later in the war the Japanese hid in the same caves when the Americans bombed the Island.

Wedensday we woke up to clear weather but very strong winds, up to 40 knots in the gusts. We had a fast sail over to Rabaul with only half a genoa and still doing more than 9 knots. After anchoring outside the yacht club in Rabaul it was time for a visit to the Customs again and the rest of the crew started tidying up the boat.
Happy hour at 17.00 where we met the locals for a good chat. Later dinner at the Travel Lodge next doors. Rabaul lies next to an active volcano "Tavurvur" Half the town was buried in ash from the volcano in 1994 and has not been rebuilt. There was a smaller eruption in september last year.

Thursday is cleaning and packing day for all my crew. We also get a chans to come in to the dock and fill water.

Friday morning at 04.00 a taxi picks up my crew for transfer to the airport. We have had some lovely months together and I thank them of all my heart.

In one week my new crew arrives.

All is well,