Lars Alfredson
Thu 25 Oct 2012 18:07
Pos 24:40.3S 124:47.5W
Thursday October 25
Ducie atoll

We anchored on the Northern side of Ducie. Because of the swell there was no possibility to go ashore
on the little Island.
We had a nice time anyway with swimming and snorkeling. Very nice to have a shave and a good clean up
after 6 days at sea. There were some sharks in the water checking us out. When Fred pt out the fishing line
we got a 3 foot shark on the line. Trying to free it turned out to be very dificult as it had swalloved the hook all the way, so tonight we are having shark steaks for dinner.
In the afternoon when the wind came up we decided to sail for the next Island in the group, Henderson 200 NM
All is well,