Rock Islands 2

Lars Alfredson
Mon 4 Mar 2019 09:08
POS 07:10.57N 134:22.25E

Sunday morning we left our safe harbour in the "Coffin" and headed south to the Mecherechar islands. We anchored in "Fast Break". Swimming and lunch followed.
In the afternoon we took the dinghy with the kajak on tow and went exploring "Clam City" and a nearby nice beach.
In clam city there is lots of giant clams growing. Up to 1 meter wide.
Going back Jonas and Urban paddled the kajak. Coming back ith aching arms.
Jonas cooked a beautiful lamb rack and potato gratin dinner, washed down with a nice red.

Monday morning we all were in the dinghy early morning to go to Jellyfish lake. This is a lake full with Jellyfish, thousands and thousands and thousands of them. Completely harmless and it is fantastic to swim around with them all around you.
Back on board Ivan made danish style pancakes.
After a nice siesta we headed out for some more snorkeling.
Now Natalia (Naty) is preparing dinner to end the day.
New adventures tomorrow.