San Juan Islands WA

Lars Alfredson
Wed 20 Sep 2017 04:40
San Juan Islands, US

All departed and it’s just the 3 of us.  Wania, the crew rookie took charge in organizing the boat - we will never find things here again, but it looks very nice and organized. 

We casted off to Cadboro bay until our appointment with the mechanic in Sidney to fix the temperamental engine control. After 3,5 hours work and a $500 setback, the issue is solved.  A faulty wire connection at building stage was the culprit.  How it worked for 15 years is incomprehensible. 

Ready for another cruising week. After Sidney harbour we cast off and head to the US border and our first stop at Roche Harbour and Border Control formalities.  Long and arduous process with Lars spending 40 minutes on a phone interview. 

Formalities completed, we head to Friday Harbour for ice cream and some shopping. We were dangerously low on wine and rum for the anchor draam.  

This year we decided to take another route.  The inner channels. After a fantastic rapids ride at Deception Passage under the bridge we anchor at Kiket Island and aligning the boat uto maximize the sunset behind the bridge.  

On our way south we encounter a pod of Orcas, wrongly called whales as they, in fact ate relate to dolphins.  One adult with at least 8 youngsters play in the water. Delivering a formidable spectacle.  

We anchor for the night at Kingston harbour before heading to the Seattle locks system.  

On a curiosity note.  As we anchor or moore, local residents research us on the internet and send us messages welcoming us to their neighborhood.  











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